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A full range of services for your Open Source needs

The Open Source paradigm supports, optimises and strengthens present and future IT architectures. The extensive advantages of what has been labeled as the most significant IT trend in thirty years are available to everyone who's able to grasp the full meaning of Open Source.
Accomplishment of complex projects gets a tremendous benefit in adopting Open Source methodologies. Operations such as defining the correct components to adopt, integrating proprietary and Open Source technologies, executing projects in time and budget leverage collaboration with a proven track record.

  • What are the rules to follow to adopt Open Source?
  • How to approach the somewhat obscure issues of licensing and intellectual property?
  • How to ensure smooth integration of existing infrastructure, proprietary technologies and Open Source components within a complex enterprise project?
  • Once Open Source components have been adopted, who is going to interact with Open Source communities to support changes and updates?
  • How can code quality be guaranteed, in a world built around outsourcing, offshoring, insourcing and other new distributed development paradigms?

In a word, how can I leverage the Open Source advantage?
TITB answers the above questions with an offering built around three key areas in Open Source:


As Open Source grows from opportunistic cost-saving tactics to a strategic component of modern IT, it's important to understand how to reap the maximum benefit and what are their rules to adopt within an IT structure built around traditional technologies.


Bridging knowledge gaps for key Open Source technologies brings enormous advantages in productivity and quality. Your staff will be in the capable hands of certified TITB trainers, who have a proven track record in delivering high-quality content either as scheduled courses or on a tailor-made basis.

Integration services

Using Open Source components in IT projects leads to an enormous advantage in terms of efficiency, vendor lock-in reduction, adoption of flexible technologies able to adapt to the different needs of modern projects. Choosing the right components, designing a correct architecture, implement solutions and support them over time all require a partner with a proven track record in Open Source.

Methodologies and quality assurance

A sizable part of IT projects is doomed to fail or to miss expectations in terms of timing or budget. Keeping the development process under control, in a world built around distributed and diverse suppliers, is paramount to ensure success in projects The Open Source world has come up with a whole wealth of methodologies and supporting tools to guarantee proper oversight of the develpment process, while favoring communication between development teams. Contact us Today! sales[at]